Do I need to book to attend a class ?
A. Yes during the Covid 19 restrictions limited places are available at class and bookings are preferred as there may not be room if you just turn up.  Feel free to call or text me on 0438800499 to check if there is a spot available.

How do I book and pay?
A: Bookings and payments can be made online via the “Classes” page which will direct you to Momoyoga (my booking system) to register a personal profile to manage your bookings and payments.  You can choose to pay by cash or credit card in person at class, or online by internet banking or Paypal.  Alternatively contact me via info@yoga2fitness.com.au or 043 8800499  for assistance.

Do prepaid class passes need to be used consecutively ?
A. NO class passes are valid for 6 months from date of first class

Are class passes or memberships refundable ?
A: NO class passes and memberships are non refundable, unless under special circumstances. Class passes are flexible and allow you to choose how many classes you wish to prepay and are valid for 6 months.  Monthly memberships can be paused due to illness or pre-arranged holidays.

Can I move between classes ?
A: YES you can manage your bookings via your Momoyoga profile where you can cancel and re-book another class if space is available .

Can I attend a combination of online and in person classes?

A: Yes you can book either online or in person classes via the booking portal.

Can I access recordings of the classes to watch in my own time?

A: Yes recordings of some classes are available free and some to purchase from your class pass, however at this stage it can only be done by contacting Bettina direct on info@yoga2fitness.com.au

What if I want to attend more than once a week ?
A: You will notice a great benefit if you can attend more than 1 classes a week.  You can choose to book a second class and pay a casual  2nd class  fee of only $10 OR purchase a monthly membership which allows unlimited classes within the month.

Can I claim the class fees from my health fund ?
A: Sadly the government has suspended the rebate to health funds for yoga.  Yoga Australia is working to have it reinstated but at this stage no you cannot claim from your health fund. You can request a receipt for the classes you attend. Please let me know if you would like a receipt.

What do I bring ?
A: water bottle and yoga mat, or you may borrow a mat (subject to availability)

What do I wear ?
A: Just comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely… ie. yoga pants/leggings/trackies/long shorts

Should I eat before class?
A: Not too much, only a light snack up to an hour before class, leave a couple of hours after a larger meal


I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you at class soon. Namaste: A Yoga Greeting. I honor that place in you and that place in me, where we are the same. “Nama” means “bow”, “as” means “I” and “te” means “you”. Therefore, “Namaste” literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.” To perform Namaste, we place the hands together at the heart , close the eyes, and bow the head.