By registering for classes you accept responsibility for informing Yoga2Fitness instructor about any medical conditions (eg. high blood pressure, heart conditions, illness) recent surgery, injuries, pregnancy or changes to your health that may affect your practice prior to a class commencing. If you have any known health problems, please consult your doctor before attending classes.

Yoga2Fitness is a method of exercise which may assist with increasing your health and well being. Please understand the instructions are intended as guidance and that you are responsible to practice within your personal limits and to decide whether or not to follow the suggestions provided by the instructor. Options are given to modify, rest or leave out any movements, so please choose what is right for you.

If there is any pain or discomfort experienced whilst performing the movements, you must take authority with your body and discontinue any movements and/or holding of postures. Yoga2fitness takes utmost care in your well-being but cannot take responsibility for problems or injury caused whilst attending online or face to face classes.

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You don’t need to be flexible or fit or have had any previous yoga or meditation experience. The movements and postures are given in stages and you are encouraged to move mindfully, connect to your breath, listen to your body, calm your mind, relax and enjoy!

Flex, tone and relax! This is a general class for everybody. Please take the authority to listen to your body and modify or leave out any movements or postures that are not suitable for you.

Bookings are required for all classes and limited numbers apply to allow for personal space between mats. Please be advised that if required for contact tracing your details may have to be advised to the Department of Health WA.