Thank you so much for your feedback on the recent survey.  Here are some of your comments about the classes:

I love that I may come to a class with a headache or sore back & the stretching will usually relieve them. It has also helped strengthen my back.

I like that Bettina provides options for the various positions depending on ability, and encourages everyone to do what feels right for them. The previous yoga I attended pushed us into posyures and I hurt myself a couple of times

the mix of yoga and relaxation. I have found this class to be a wonderful piece of me time and Bettina is a wonderful teacher!

I love the way the sessions are being put together, not strictly yoga, I love the pilates and tai-chi exercises, too.

I love the peace and time out. I would love a little more of the fitness side of things – but not too much more 🙂

I like the core strength work, stretching and balance.

Love the chi ball class

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the exercise variations you introduce into our classes.

I would like more of exercise & flexibility movements rather than softer, more relaxing moves.

That you are flexible with the exercises. Not the same every session so we learn new ones now and then.

I love the pace format and positivity

NAMASTE  everyone !Picture1