image-9Whatever your age, weight, flexibility, or beliefs may be, you can practice and benefit from Yoga.  Although it originated in India, Yoga is for all of humanity.

Yoga is not about tying yourself in knots, on the contrary, Yoga tries to loosen all our physical, emotional and intellectual knots.

Yoga means “union” or “integration” and “discipline” so the system of Yoga is called a unitive or integrating discipline of coming into balance on all levels.

Yoga encourages you to find your own pace, without pushing yourself or competing.  Just come to the edge…and breathe….   The edge is the point of intensity where a posture challenges you but doesn’t cause you pain.  The idea is to gradually push that edge farther back and open up new territory.

“no pain, no gain” – often reinforces competitiveness and Yoga is not competitive.  The goal of Yoga is to overcome all suffering, so never push your body, just coax it gently and build awareness of the communications taking place between your body and mind. There is NO gain from pain !

Keep an open mind, allow yourself to be surprised by Yoga.  Even after decades of Yoga practice and study, the world is still discovering new things about Yoga and Yoga is evolving and growing too !

Yoga is an all-in-one body-mind fitness system that helps to develop strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, joint stability,  tone, relaxation, internal health, peace-of-mind and vitality all at the same time.   Slowing the breath through movement calms the mind and allows for greater awareness and mental clarity. Practicing yoga reduces the negative effects of stress and “dis”-ease . Feel better, move better, breathe better and sleep better.  Yoga is also a great complement to any sport and is suitable for every- body !

Flex your body, relax your mind, and make the time for YOU !